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Moritz Greiner-Petter

I am a designer and design researcher with a background in visual communication and digital media design. Currently, I am developing my PhD thesis at the Institute of Experimental Design and Media Cultures (IXDM). As a researcher and practitioner I am interested in exploring the aesthetics and epistemes of information technologies through design practice. My work takes the form of critical artifacts, technical prototypes, publication formats as well as writing.


since 2013
Junior researcher at the Institute of Experimental Design and Media Cultures, Academy of Art and Design FHNW, Basel

Designer at Fraunhofer Society, Department for Responsible Research and Innovation, Berlin

Graduation in Visual Communication (diploma) at the Berlin University of the Arts, College of Architecture, Media and Design.


Selected Projects
Three Questions On Media Criticality — Book Machine / Media-Reflexivity, 2015

I designed a field notebook and website accompanying a discussion session held by IXDM at transmediale 2015 in Berlin. The publication compiles concise answers by invited scholars and practitioners in the field of media studies and arts to three questions on the notion of criticality of, in, and through media technologies.

The layout of the publication draws on self-reflexivity regarding its own media format, showing all pages on each and every page in a revolving arrangement that also mirrors the circularity of the ring binding. The system becomes differently apparent in the dynamic online version. That way, the design refers equally to traditions of book design (like the density and hierarchy of medieval script) as to algorithmically generated data representations (in its adaptive system and synoptic view).
Displayce — Interface / Play, 2014

Displayce is a series of experimental web interface patterns which appropriate the functionalities of Google's mapping service. In a manner of purposeless play they try to allow for unintentional usage and perplexing aesthetics of (dis)orientation.

There are also limited edition sets of four unique A2 posters generated from the project, compiled in a printed folder. Available on request. Please contact me.
Precise Ambiguities — Critical Artifacts / Graduation Project, 2012

Precise Ambiguities is a collection of self-critical Denkwerkzeuge (tools of thought). The project consists of a number of metaphorical artifacts trying to reflect on our ability to relate to the world and its phenomena through the tools we create. By irritations in their conventional form or behaviour the project tries to shift the focus to the unmarked blind spots of our tools of thought, especially digital ones.
Scope — Installation / Tangible Time, 2009

Scope is a digitally augmented installation that allows you to haptically interact with a set of chronological image data. A growth process of plants is captured alongside the installation is exhibited. Sand on a reactive surface represents an amount of time passed. By manipulating the sand different moments of the growth process can be made visible projected directly upon the material. The visual data becomes apparently materialized in an interaction that metaphorically and sensually suits the content. → Video
Mirrorcle — Installation / Slow Media, 2009

Mirrorcle exposes hidden messages through a person's breath. Due to its slowness and fuzzyness the developed display technology shows intriguing analogue qualities. The narrative potentials of the protoype were explored with short oracle-like messages triggered by the proximity of a person.
Memo — Interactive Object / Gestures, 2009

Memo is a prototype for a gadget that allows to store short messages for display in public or private spaces. The box itself works as an input device that decodes writing gestures to letters, somewhat like a clumsy digital stylus. The resulting message can be displayed by tilting the box and is stored, for others to discover. → Video
Coincidences — Booklet / Techno-Poetics, 2011

Coincidences exposes arbitrary, yet ironical connections between words that are implicit in the T9 predictive text technology that was commonly used for text messaging in cell phones (not so long ago). As a specific combination of keypresses on the number pad can represent different words of a T9 dictionary they coincidentally get interchangeable. The booklet consists of a selection of these semantic jokes hidden in the encoding technology.
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