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Sometimes you don't need much. Just a place to put some things, in a way that makes sense to you, in that moment.

Paneel is a barely useful piece of interface poetry to organize a handful of things in a gratifying grid of labeled switches.

Double tap a label to edit text and color. Tap a switch to toggle it on and off. Swipe left and right over a switch to change color. When off, swipe left to delete the text, or swipe right to recover it again. Press and hold a switch to swap places in the grid. Shake to clear the grid.

No settings. No sync. No cloud. It's great in all the ways it's not.

Paneel is an iOS app developed by Moritz Greiner-Petter ( For support questions, feedback and suggestions please contact me. I would be happy to know how you use the app. Or how you would use it, would it just be a bit more useful.

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